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México, DF a Noviembre del 2008

Dear Colegues

The Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is the neuropsychiatric disorder seen more frequently in the infancy and the adolescense, afecting near of the 7% of the latinamerican population. In the las years, a hughe amount of evidence help to facilitate the recognition, stablish new treatments and diagnositc tools and the evidence of the persistence in a leat half of the population through the adulthood. A multiple investigations was shown that the early management (psycosocial and pharmacologyc) predicts a good response and a better evolution of these patients.
However, the social, cultural and ethnic difference in diverse regions has shown different therapeutics and diagnosis parts of the world. Is one f the reason, why we consider is the moment for joint efforts and experiences for describe the epidemiologic, diagnostic and therapeutic dimensions in the latinamerican regions, making the bases for a cientific work together.
Since September of 2008, a group of more than 150 neursciences specialits funded the Latin American League for the study of ADHD (LILAPETDAH), who have the objetive to promote the sharing between the latinamerican countries facilitating the sociocultural differences, and improve the diffusion of the disorder, ehnancing the life of kids, adolescents and adults with ADHD.
This big effot can not be possible without the support of all those who are believe in this proyect and trust that latinoamerica can be in the world lider in matters of cientific colaboration and consultation of the all neurosciences participats.

Dr. Eduardo Barragán Pérez
Presidente de LILAPETDAH